LiberKey Ultimate

LiberKey Ultimate 5.2.0321

A varied mixture of portable apps

LiberyKey Ultimate is a tool that compiles a plethora of portable applications into one slick-looking interface. View full description


  • A varied selection of free apps
  • Install it on the local drive or on a USB device
  • Complete information about each app
  • Automatic updates


  • It still requires installation

Very good

LiberyKey Ultimate is a tool that compiles a plethora of portable applications into one slick-looking interface.

If you have a spare USB drive with at least 200 MB of free space, you can carry LiberKey Ultimate anywhere. LiberKey Ultimate is a varied selection of portable applications that includes all sorts of programs. From web browsers to video players, including tools related to security, audio, graphics, networking, system utilities and file management, LiberKey Ultimate's inventory is really impressive. When selected, each program shows a complete information sheet including software developer, description, rating and notes.

All the tools included in LiberKey Ultimate are conveniently organized in a menu, following a tree-like structure you can customize any way you like: delete categories, add new groups, create new folders, etc. What's more, the pack looks for latest versions automatically, so all the included apps are always up to date.

The best thing about LiberKey Ultimate is that you can install it both on a USB device or on your local hard drive, which may come in handy for a quick system re-installation. And, in its fifth reincarnation, LiberKey Ultimate now has the option to change skin colors on the actual interface in a few simple clicks. The new interface's appearance will have even the pickiest users impressed by its smooth, professional-looking appearance.

LiberKey Ultimate gathers more than 200 software utilities in a handy, ready-to-go bundle.


  • Add Partition Find and Mount
  • Add XMediaRecode
  • Add Avidemux
  • Add BlueScreenView
  • Add FreeFileSync
  • Updated various components
LiberKey Ultimate


LiberKey Ultimate 5.2.0321

User reviews about LiberKey Ultimate

  • FrancisV

    by FrancisV


    I preferred the previous versions where you downloaded the whole bunch at once. USB keys are becoming quite unexpensive ... More.

    reviewed on November 21, 2010